LCK – Artisan Cookie Packaging

The Little Cake Kitchen came to us to design the packaging for a new  range of “little” artisan cookies they wanted to launch from their established commercial cake kitchen.

Designed to be “just a little sweet treat” when you want to have a little something but don’t want to eat the whole cake!  Also great for little kids treats or rewards without overloading them with sugar & preservatives. There were 3 main stand out selling points for these cookies, 1. Only top quality ingredients are used, 2. They are handmade by an actual baker, not factory made, 3. They are made right here in New Zealand. So we created 3 point of focus icons to be displayed across the front of the packaging to represent these quality’s.

The packaging substrates had already been chosen before we started on the design so we also had to work within the limitations of this…Along with no big budgets for any fancy printing techniques, special inks or direct printing – The only design space we had to work with was the small basic rectangle sticker label front and back of the foil packet.

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